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Could This Be Your Son?

April 1st, 2009 · No Comments


When I read about NRL player Todd Carney’s latest indiscretion in today’s Sydney Daily Telegraph I felt for his mum.

How do you prepare your child for absolutely every possible scenario? Who thinks to remind their sons and daughters that taking full-frontal nude photos of yourself and posting them on the internet is best to be avoided?

He may be embarrassed today, will probably laugh it off with some mates over a couple of drinks down the line, but parents of teenagers and young adults around the country will be left wondering if we should be, could be doing more to save our kids from their own stupidity.

Carney’s no longer a teen, but like many young men of his age and profession, his judgment clearly hasn’t progressed to the point where he can call himself a man.

Teens and young adults need to progress through a series of licence plates before they can drive a car freely. Perhaps we also need to stick a big sign across the foreheads of footballers in those age groups that says ‘incapable of making adult decisions’ to prevent them from embarrassing themselves and their families time and again? That sign could then fade with every rational step forward. Alternatively they could be forced to check in with their mum before making important life decisions.

I reckon they’d go for the sign.


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